“ Worry ! …… details by letter...”


Many doctors justify overbooking by the fact that patients do not keep appointments and

do not accept responsibility for it.  Patients wait to be seen for hours.


We call it the "Circular conspiracy of mutual abuse."


Those who accept responsibility usually choose doctors who see them on time. 


Some doctors' offices have a tendency to notify patients of abnormal test results

in an insensitive, traumatic and utterly sadistic manner:


"The doctor said that he wants to see you about your test results. Please come in at 10:00 am in 2 weeks." 

"But can you please tell me what’s wrong?!"

"No, you have to hear it from the doctor."  [Cable: " Worry ! … details by letter.”]


And then the poor patients tremble until the appointment time, when they hear:

"I don’t know what’s wrong, but your potassium is high and you need to go through more tests." 

Then they have to wait again...... 


Contemporary Medicine, manipulated by the Organized (pun intended) “Pharmaco-Technological Complex” in the "interests of its shareholders" (probably you and me - what do we know about our mutual funds anyway) drives the whole industry towards profits, and preventative work is almost non - existent. 


During WW II the bombs falling on London were manufactured with financial backing from investors that included Jews and Brits, but for the most part anonymously through mutual funds and the like. 

German Industry presented a great investing opportunity in the 1930s.


Circular Conspiracy of Marketeering TM!  


What can we do?  Well, we can get involved in The REvolution of DEBULLSHITIZATION.  Take responsibility.  Don't just blindly follow. Verify.  Scrutinize.  Ask questions.  Blow the whistle.  Be active and debullshitize in local politics.



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